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“Only One to Please” (Revelation 1)
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“Only One to Please” (Revelation 1)
Код: 001-1516_072416
Дата: 24.07.2016 г.
Проповедник: Евгений Шкаровский

How many attend your church? What is your church’s annual budget? How many likes, downloads or views so far this year? How do newcomers rate your church? How likely are your members to invite their neighbors to your church? These questions may seem important, but one day all of them will be irrelevant. On that day human evaluation will give way to the assessment of the master of the church, Jesus Christ.

We, Christians, need help with evaluating our local church correctly. Studying the first three chapters of the book of Revelation will ensure we do it right. Here we find Jesus scrutinizing seven separate churches and giving his verdict. This series of sermons is titled, "A Church That Pleases Christ". How will Word of Grace Bible Church fare that day? What will Jesus say to us? What should we be doing to be commended on that day?

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