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Man of God (1Tim 6:11-14)
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Man of God (1Tim 6:11-14)
Код: 001-1501_061916
Дата: 19.06.2016 г.
Проповедник: Алексей Коломийцев

What it is means to be a real man is very vague in our current culture. Our world is in a midst of radical change, when old ways are abandoned, any moral absolutes are being lost, and so the question of real manhood has lost any practical meaning. Regardless of these factors the Scriptures have lots to say of what it means to be a man. One such passage is found in the epistle of Timothy. The apostle Paul gives as a detailed description of a man he calls, "the man of God." To be a real man means to agree with God’s definition and purpose for manhood. In agreeing we then need to live it out.

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